Terms of Use

Please read these Terms of Service carefully before using e-mail service provided to You by Mail.lv as they contain binding legal terms and obligations including limitations of Mail.lv’s liability and disclaimers.

Terms of Service

These Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as the «Terms») governs the relations arising from using WEB-site http://www.mail.lv in the Internet (hereinafter referred to as the «Mail.lv») between the individual (hereinafter referred to as the «User») who has registered under cl.3 of the given Terms and “Mail.lv”.

1. Subject of the Terms

Mail.lv renders its services on terms and conditions stipulated in the given Terms of Service. Registering on http://www.mail.lv a user agrees with the conditions of the given Terms.

Mail.lv reserves the right to change these Terms without prior notice. The current version of the Terms and any amendments/changes are placed in the Internet under the following address http://mail.lv/maintenance/tos.php.

A new version of the Terms comes into effect upon placing it unless otherwise provided by the new version of the Terms.

2. Services

Mail.lv provides free services of e-mail by means of the WEB interface on http://www.mail.lv and special equipment on transfer, accumulation and processing of Users’ email messages. Mail.lv provides e-mail addresses with extension @mail.lv and electronic mailboxes for storage of users’ emails.

3. Registration and security of authorization information

3.1. For using e-mail services one should register on Mail.lv.

3.2. To register the User has to fill in a registration form. By filling it in the User agrees to submit correct, accurate, true and complete information about himself on the questions in the registration form and to update this information. In the event of a good reason to think the information submitted by the User is incorrect, inaccurate, untrue and incomplete, and is harmful or may be harmful to Mail.lv the latter may stop or cancel the User’s registration and refuse of rendering services to him.

3.3. The number of mailboxes one can have at Mail.lv is unlimited provided that the person uses them properly.

3.4. After registration the User gets the login and password selected by him for an access to his mailbox. Mail.lv is entitled not to allow using certain logins and/or remove them.

3.5. Mail.lv uses a login, password, security question and answer solely for authorizing an access to Mail.lv. Mail.lv administration shall not give these data to anybody except the persons mentioned in cl.7 of the Terms. The User is liable for integrity of this information. Any actions on its use are deemed to be done by the User. The User is liable to Mail.lv and any third parties for all actions done by using User’s login and password.

3.6. The User agrees that he will immediately notify Mail.lv of any case of unauthorized (not authorized by the User) access with the login and password to the User’s mailbox and/or of any security breach.

3.7. The User logs out under his password (using the «Exit» button) upon finishing each session of the work with Mail.lv. The latter is not liable for possible loss or data damage due to breach of provisions included in this part of the Terms by the User.

4. Rights and obligations of the User

4.1. The User is entitled to use services of Mail.lv solely for purposes provided in the given Terms and any applicable laws, provisions, good practice and directions in the corresponding jurisdiction.

4.2. The User shall not (or try to give) access to mail service otherwise than through the interface provided by Mail.lv excluding cases when such actions have been permitted to the User pursuant to a separate agreement with Mail.lv.

4.3. The User shall not use Mail.lv services in order to:
a. upload, mail, forward, redirect or otherwise make available any information which is illegal, threatening, abusive (to certain persons or entities), slanderous, vulgar, indecent, detractive, breaking the privacy of other people, preaches hatred and/or has disputable expressions , calls for discrimination on religious, racial, ethnic and other criteria and also impairs rights of the minors or insults the minorities;

b. use any forms and ways of illegal representation of other people in the Internet;

c. counterfeit headlines or otherwise manipulate with the identification information in order to hide origin of any content transferred through Mail.lv;

d. mail, forward, redirect or otherwise make available any information which the User is not entitled to disclose under any law or pursuant to the terms of these Terms, provision of a trustee (for instance, information which is for internal use only, property of others and confidential information which has been received or become disclosed in the course of labor relations or in case of concluding the nondisclosure agreement);

e. mail, forward, redirect or otherwise make available any information which breaches any patent, trademark, commercial, official secret information, property rights and/or copyrights and relevant rights of the third party;

f. upload, mail, forward, redirect or otherwise make available any non-requested or non-authorized advertisement, sales promoting materials , other promotional material (junk mail, spam), chain letters, pyramid schemes or any imposed materials;

g. upload, mail, forward, redirect or otherwise make available any material containing viruses or any computer codes, files or programs for terminating, deleting or limiting activity of any software, hardware or telecommunications facilities, programs for unauthorized access and also serial numbers to the commercial software products and programs for their generation, logins, passwords and other means for getting unauthorized access to the paid resources in Internet, including links to the above information;

h. interfere or disturb Mail.lv or relevant servers and networks, or fail to meet any requirements, procedures, policy and rules of Mail.lv networks services;

i. knowingly or accidentally breach any applicable laws of the Republic of Latvia or the standards of international law;

j. persecute or otherwise disturb anybody;

k. collect and keep personal data of other users;

l. promote actions breaching the restrictions imposed by the Terms.

4.4. The User is liable for the text of his e-mail messages and other materials which he uploads, sends or receives. As Mail.lv does not control the information content of the messages sent through it, it does not guarantee accuracy, correctness, completeness or quality of these materials.

4.5. The User is liable for any harm caused to computer or the User’s information which can be done by the information, materials or programs received by using Mail.lv services.

4.6. The User realizes that when using e-mail he can discover materials which are insulting for him, unworthy or disputable. In no event Mail.lv shall be liable for these materials.

4.7. The User of the service may stop using it any moment. He is not obliged to notify Mail.lv administration accordingly, but just deletes his mailbox.

5. Rights, duties and warranties of Mail.lv

5.1. Mail.lv services are provided «as is» and developers and Mail.lv administration do not provide the User with any guarantees to its work and are not liable for anything including compliance of the purpose with the user’s expectations.

5.2. Mail.lv may limit the use of e-mail, for example, it may limit the maximum size of incoming messages, the maximum size of the mailbox, set a minimum or maximum number of logins within some period of time, maximum number of messages to be sent or received by a registered user etc.

5.3. Mail.lv reserves a right to temporarily limit or stop providing services while making preventive maintenance having noticed the User at least one day before.

5.4. Mail.lv may block an access to the User’s mailbox or delete it under the following circumstances:

a. User’s breach of any provision of the given Terms (or making actions indicating that the User is not intending or unable comply with the Terms provisions);

b. Mail.lv is liable for making these actions under the law (for example, when providing services to the User is or becomes illegal);

c. on the User’s initiative.

Generally, Mail.lv may terminate the registration at its discretion. Mail.lv is not liable to the User or any third party for terminating the work of the User’s mailbox, his e-mail address or access to the services.

5.5. Mail.lv is not liable for direct or indirect User’s damages incurred by providing Mail.lv services.

5.6. Mail.lv is not liable for direct or indirect User’s damages incurred by actions of the third parties in Mail.lv.

5.7. The User agrees that Mail.lv may suspend or stop providing mail services at its discretion and without prior notice. In that case the User agrees that he can lose his access to his mailbox and all information stored there (letters, contacts, files etc.).

5.8. Mail.lv. does not exercise censorial control over the information which is transferred through Mail.lv. The User agrees the information which he sends and gets will be checked for viruses or other harmful program codes and will be deleted or blocked in case of detecting them.

6. Advertising

6.1. The User acknowledges and agrees that Internet resource Mail.lv can include advertisement or advertising hyperlinks which lead to other web sites, another content or resources. In no event Mail.lv shall be liable for availability of these resources and their content and also for any consequences related to use of content of these resources.

6.2. Mail.lv reserves a right to send information and advertising messages to the User’s e-mail address from time to time and also to attach advertising materials pursuant to the law of the Republic of Latvia. In the event the User has refused to get such messages, Mail.lv stops sending information and advertising messages within 24 hours upon confirmation of the registered User’s refusal.


7. Privacy

7.1. The data provided by the User are used for processing by Mail.lv. Mail.lv administration guarantees confidentiality of the information submitted by the User during the registration and in no event shall view, change the content of the User’s mailbox or give an access to other people except those whose rights and duties regarding an access to the appropriate information are specified by the law of the Republic of Latvia.

7.2. The User agrees that his personal data can be anonymously used for market investigations and target selections in Mail.lv system.

Registered e-mail address for customers service (customer support service): support@mail.lv